Thursday, February 21, 2013

North Bound

What's up, buttercup!?!?

This is the Emily portion of this blog, again. I am home at long last! It's good to be back here in the dreary and yet cozy and well missed Portland culture. As much as I enjoy the sunshine, nothing tops the good old downtown pdx for me. No place like home :) However, here are some fond memories of the trip - including, but not limited to, Laguna sunsets at a private beach we stumbled upon, paleo sushi picnics, waving to the Hollister camera on Huntington beach pier, scrambling around the rocks on low tide, creeping on the starfish and spending some quality time with a close friend whom (here come the bragging rights) is attending FIDM Irvine campus.

                                                         (Paleo sushi on the beach, yo!)

View from a hidden cove at low tide :)




~ Emily

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