Monday, February 11, 2013

Okay Ladies,

  Sooooo, I think it would be good if we let you know a bit about oursleves [you already know a few of the things on our buket list; but, I'll include much more later! I just love bucket lists!!! ;)].

  For starters, Emily (eighteen yrs) and I (Mikela - 17 yrs) live in Oregon and are cousins. However, since we are very similar, I am sure we would be just as close of friends even if we weren't related. I'm glad we are, though. It ties her to me that much more (you're never getting away from me, Emmy! Mwah ha ha....)!!

  Anyways, both of us are major addicts of cooking, crochetting, reading, coffee, Jane Austen books and movies (who doesn't love Mr. Darcy???), dancing and shopping. We also have a lot of siblings who we adore. I am the oldest of five and Emily is the fourth of soon to be twelve ("Wow!" I know!).

  Traveling is another love of ours. We both really enjoy seeing new places and doing new things. I've been to Mexico, Canada and all around the U.S and want to see soooooo much more. The countries I want to visit the most are Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Scottland, Ireland, England, Australia, Brazil, Uganda and Kenya. I hope to one day buy Italian boots, climb every step of the Eiffel Tower, see Gorillas in the jungles of Africa like my parents, tour castles and soak in the beauty of Machu Pechu. Alright. Enough dreaming. =)

   On top of the things mentioned above, I am obsessed with art of every media (painting, drawing, scrapbooking, you name it), writing, photography, and sewing. I have always enjoyed using my hands and exploring all of the possibilities I have when I am creating something. I am also into everything related to hair and cosmetics and, if my plans work out, will be going to Cosmetology school after I graduate this year.

   Okay, now for PICTURES! :)

- Emily -

- Mikela (me) -

Yep, that's us!
Thanks for reading!
~ Mikela


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