Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea Fun / Recommendation of the Day

My friend Olivia and I.


   If you are having a strong hankering for some delicious tea and fun, Lady Di's British Store and Tea Room is the place to go! I just went there this morning for the first time and loved it! The atmosphere is adorable, their Peach Passion tea is wonderful (and that is coming from a girl who usually sticks to coffee!), and the host has the cutest British accent (who doesn't love a british accent!?!?!?!).
Their address is 430 Second Street Lake Oswego, OR 97034.
Tea is served from 11 am - 3:30 pm Mon-Sat; however, the store is open from 10 am - 5 pm. 
If you want to make a reservation, give them a call at 503-635-7298 or find them on facebook.
Thanks for reading!
~ Mikela

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