Monday, March 11, 2013

Can't Believe I'm Posting About This

Beards. As you can see, from her post, Emily loves them...
 Me? Well, I'm more of a clean shaven or "close cut" type of gal.
The guy below, whoever he is (let's hope he's not someone bad!), would be more of my taste....
Enough said.
Anyways, can't believe I posted about that. Not something I would usually do. haha
Ta ta for now!
~ Mikela

Beard appreciation movement!

I just want to note that I LOVE the beard appreciation movement. I'm so absurdly grateful that its become a trend to be bearded. After all of the stupid/horrible fashion statements we go through, I'm so glad we finally got something right! ;) -Emily

                                                                    Look at that face...

                                                       Baby beard is better than no-beard.

                                                              I had to include Bon Iver.

                                                          It only gets so much better when
                                                          you give a bearded man a baby.


Herro Seattle

This past weekend I spent up in the great white north (Seattle/Bremerton) visiting old friends, new friends, and long lost ones that I had almost forgotten about! ;) Friday night was full of good company and beer and Shabbos was as relaxing as ever. Come Sunday, we hit the famous Pike's Place where we hunted down the very first Starbucks, gawked at the gum wall, and got serenaded by the cutest old man in the land! There is so much to see in Seattle that I forget is there until I'm walking right in the middle of it. So if you're ever up north, don't overlook downtown Seattle! And don't be a typical tourist who takes a picture and runs! Enjoy the atmosphere. 
Since 1971.


The disgusting and yet so enamoring gum wall!

I think people live in there...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Beautiful Hair / "Happy Post of the Day"

From Water for Elephants. I love her and that movie btw.

These women have exquisite hairdos! And don't we all love beautitul hair!
Want more hair pic ideas? Check out my hair and makeup board on pinterest!
~ Mikela

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Rocky "Craft" of the Day

Feeling crafting, but don't know what to create, or just wanting to try something new? How about some rock art! I have no idea why, but these little rock feet make me happy. :) Maybe it is because they remind me of the beach or because they have so muh variety in color and shape.
Whatever the reason, I love this art.
You will need:
* rocks (big and very tiny)  
* a hot glue gun                   
* hot glue sticks                   
     * something to mount them on 

Have fun creating rock art (and remember, you can make things other than feet!)!
Send us a picture of your creation - - and we will share it on here! :)
~ Mikela

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Got Wood?

I live out in the country where it is an understatement to say that we have a great deal of trees. Just recently, we cut down most of the trees, that have grown on our six acres for over fifty years, to let in more sunlight and protect our house from old trees falling on it. Most of the trees were taken to factories; however, we are still left with a lot of extra wood. What to do with it all, besides making fires? Craft with it, of course!
These painted branch slices make wonderful wall art! I just love looking at them! They make me happy! :)
You can use any acrylic paint for these, but make sure that your wood is completely dry before you use it or it will damage your walls. 

These glow in the dark seats are so much fun to use around a camp fire! Their bright colors turn an ordinary bon fire into a party. :)
You can find inexpensive glow-in-the-dark paint for these at Home Depot.
Yep, this is the art I'm creating with my wood! :) Enjoy making your own and share your creations with us!
~ Mikela

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Nook

This is definitely something I would love to have!
~ Mikela